Aaron Coleman Clark

Passions: Hiking, trail running, camping, and traveling.
Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Latin American food, The White Squirrel, and Spencer’s.
Favorite Music: The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and The Beatles.

Aaron has been an integral part of the Nat’s team for nine years now.  Chances are, he’s helped your son or daughter learn how to ride a bike, he’s put a rack on your car, or he’s tried to sell you a Land Cruiser. 

Aaron grew up on the lake in Glasgow.  He’s always had a passion for the outdoors and anything on two wheels.  He attended Western Kentucky University before coming to Nat’s.  For a short time, Aaron left Nat’s to be a guide at Mammoth Cave National Park.  “It was definitely one of my favorite jobs,” said Aaron.  He couldn’t stay gone for long though.

Earlier in 2015, Aaron took his trusty Kawasaki to Colorado and back.  Before that, he was roaming the streets of Costa Rica.  Between work and his travels, there is never a dull moment for Aaron!

Something he’d like to do is work at a summer camp for kids.  His passion for the outdoors and his natural leadership would make him an A+ counselor.

His next adventure is calling him.  Come August, Aaron is taking a break from Nat’s to travel.  Every now and then we all have to go on an adventure; a journey that reminds us why we love our job.

To Aaron,

Thank you, we'll leave a key under the mat for you.