Chris Platt

Passions: Running, biking, traveling.
Favorite food: Thai food, and sushi. “I’d rather cook or be cooked for.”
Favorite music: Van Morrison, Josh Ritter, Paul Simon, and Jackson Brown.

In May of 1985, Nat hired a fervent runner named Chris Platt.  Kansas born, she moved to Kentucky in high school where she would later study at WKU.  Chris started off at Nat’s selling running shoes.  As far as she was concerned, running was the only sport. 

“I was a true believer,” said Chris.

Fast forward to 2016, Chris still loves running and fitting people for the perfect pair of shoes.

“The reason I really got into this job was that I could really communicate with the community about fitness,” Chris exclaimed.  Her grandfather owned a drug store in Iowa, so retail is in her genes. “The idea of shop keeping is not foreign to me,” she explained.


Chris has a passion for cycling and running that we believe embodies our mission as a business.  Chris loves her job almost as much as she loves intimidating new employees, and that’s why we love working with her.