Bowling Green, Kentucky. The year is 1971.
Nat Love is 28 years old and he just opened his first business. 

The L&M Bookstore was a small shop on Western’s campus that catered to the needs of students.  Nat, however, saw the bookstore as something more.  In 1973, he added a bike shop to his operation and that’s when things took off.

This store- this icon, expanded three more times before establishing our current location at Wilkinson Trace.  Nat’s daughter, Lisa Martens, has been part of the business since 1985, stepping up in 2011 to become the owner and proprietor. Nat’s and our curated team of athletes and experts truly represent the shop in which we love to work.  We have a passion for a life outdoors and the gear we use.  We strive for perfection and unmatched customer service.  If it can be hiked, biked, climbed, or paddled, we want to help you achieve your goals.  Whenever possible, we support the community that has so graciously supported us since 1973. 

Through Bikes for Kids, the people of Bowling Green have donated over 4,000 bikes to us and the Warren County Jaycees so we can make them ridable again for underprivileged children in our community.

The outdoors is the common thread tying you and Nat’s together.  From pitching a tent in your backyard to climbing the peak of your dreams, we can help.

We do it for the love of the outdoors.

Nat's Outdoor Sports
1121 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green KY 42103
(800) 327-1731 Fax (270) 782-6582
Hours: 9:30am-8pm Monday - Saturday
Noon - 5pm Sunday